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Aggiornato il: 26 mar 2019

Welcome to my very first blog post ever!

I've been thinking about creating a Second Life fashion and trends blog for years and years but I never really had the time, or simply the courage to do it. My mind was all focused on negative toughs like "it's full of gorgeous and talented sl bloggers out there what are you thinking about?" or "what makes you think you have something to give more than those who have been doing this since 2005?".

But recently I've had lots of friends on second life asking me for fashion advices on how to create or style their avatars, I felt useful and I really liked it, so I decided to be brave, close my fear in a box, and start this journey, hoping this to be a good way to help them and everyone who might need it!

Thank you for visiting my blog then, and I hope we can walk together from now on.


  • Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face

  • Body: Belleza- Freya

  • Eyes: .ARISE. Laurel Eyes [2 & 6]

  • Skin: .:[PUMEC] :.- Veronik

  • Hair: Moon. Hair. // Code Uma


  • Boots/Bikini/Fur Jacket: Love

  • Choker: DAZED. Onaka Choker

  • Piercings: BLAXIUM -Karra Piercing- GENUS

  • Forehead Moon: .: Gothicute :. Gold Forehead Crescent Moon (Add Me)

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